[Esug-list] Github / Pharo / VisualWorks porting tools

Carsten Härle Carsten.Haerle at straightec.de
Tue Sep 17 08:36:24 EDT 2019



there is a lot of Smalltalk code in Github for Pharo and VisualWorks.

The main repository for Seaside seems to be Github also. 


Which VisualWorks tools are available to support code exchange with Github and Pharo?

How does the Cincom developer team do the porting of new versions, e.g. for Seaside? 


I found a Cypress interchange format implementation for VisualWorks from Travis Griggs:



However the code 7 years old and does not work in current VisualWorks  versions and has several bugs. 

I started fixing it, but before I invest to much effort, I would  like to ask how other people do the porting from and to Github / Pharo or other dialects.





Carsten Härle, 

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