[Esug-list] PythonBridge (was: Smalltalk and the list of popular programming languages)

Boris Shingarov boris at shingarov.com
Wed Sep 11 04:40:06 EDT 2019

Hi Alexandre,

I went to look at PythonBridge and it promises to be massively 
interesting!  Definitely much more systematic than the crude and 
primitive PyStGateway I hacked together for the MachineArithmetic package.

However, I must be doing something stupid.  As PythonBridge's "Getting 
Started" page tells me, I loaded the metacello:

|Metacello new baseline: 'PythonBridge'; repository: 
'github://ObjectProfile/PythonBridge/src'; load.|

so now I have PythonBridge master and Python3Generator v2.0.0 in my 
Pharo 7 image.  Ok nice.

However, PBApplication class does not implement 
#installPipenvEnvironment, so

|(Smalltalk at: #PBApplication) installPipenvEnvironment|

results in MNU.  In fact there are no implementors of 

How would you suggest to debug this?



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