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Dear Noury,

I didn’t had the time to do a thorough web search. You certainly did. I found several references that look very promising. Mny of them were concerning Java and OS threads. Othes are about Erlang (https://mariachris.github.io/Pubs/ERLANG-2011.pdf ). I think not only the concurrency problem but also the base technology matters. I couldn’t find anything about Smalltalk yet. So you are probably conquering new land.

Here is a quote from the preface of “Test Driven Development: By Example” from 2003 by Kent Beck: “There certainly are programming tasks that can’t be driven solely by tests (or, at least not yet). Security and concurrency, for example, are two topics where TDD is insufficient to mechanically demonstrate that the goals of the software has been met.” “Subtle concurrency problems can’t be reliably duplicated by running the code.”

Good luck! I am looking forward to your findings.


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Thanks you all  for your answers.


On 7 Sep 2019, at 18:42, James Foster <Smalltalk at JGFoster.net<mailto:Smalltalk at JGFoster.net>> wrote:

The point of noury is what is the way to approach concurrency when doing TDD.
Now how to build reliable ….

I won’t pretend to answer such a broad question with anything definitive, but I’d start my investigation of concurrency with a look at databases. One of the primary features of any multi-user database (not just GemStone!) is that transactions are in practice concurrent but the system is designed to apply them as if they were serial and in a way where order does not matter. So I would attempt to identify the concurrent tasks and verify that they each got the result that they would have obtained had they been applied in various serial fashions.

Imagine that DrTDD should be extended to support concurrent programming.
Then this is the question that we want to get answer.

I would look for a way to pass a set of repeatable tasks to DrTDD and let the testing framework run them in various orders then run them concurrently with interrupts and switching contexts.

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