[Esug-list] Smalltalk and the list of popular programming languages

David Mason dmason at ryerson.ca
Mon Sep 9 13:57:23 EDT 2019

I don’t want to fall too far down the language popularity rabbit-hole, but I think it is worth seeing if Pharo Smalltalk has a viable story.

I’m most interested in how we compare with Python, in particular:

"Python’s popularity is driven in no small part by the vast number of specialized libraries available for it, particularly in the domain of artificial intelligence, where the Keras library is a heavyweight among deep-learning developers: Keras provides an interface to the TensorFlow, CNTK, and Theano deep-learning frameworks and tool kits.”


"dramatic increase in computing power found in microcontrollers means that embedded versions of Python, such as CircuitPython and MicroPython, are becoming increasingly popular among makers.”

I’d love to be able to say, when people challenge me about Smalltalk, that we have those, or the logical equivalent of this.

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