[Esug-list] Concurrency Best Practices + Tests

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
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> On 9/7/19 9:03 , Stéphane Ducasse wrote:
>> Again and now this is you: why do you use “sharper” do you imply that the
>> questions of noury were not sharp. :(
> No, I didn't say that either --- "sharper", not "sharp vs dull”.

At least in french, when we say that "a better/sharper question would
be" it implies that previous question was not sharp/smart. 

May be in english this is not the case, I’m sorry my english is rather basic. 
I thought that adding “er” at the end of adjective meant more. So by construction
it means that other are less. I do not know I’m not good in logic either. 

May be you do see it but I felt that you were saying that
and this is why I reacted because I do not like when people lower other people in this mailing-list.

Of course I could have say using the same pattern, that a nicer/smarter/shaper answer would
have been not to show off and to reply to the question. And when another
 person would have mentioned it, I would have decline my intention. 

>> The point of noury is what is the way to approach concurrency when doing
>> TDD.
>> Now how to build reliable ….
>> Imagine that DrTDD should be extended to support concurrent programming.
>> Then this is the question that we want to get answer.
> To me, the interesting part is how to build reliable software, so I'd 
> prioritize that over choice of tools.  Because who knows, maybe you look 
> at reliability and realize instead of TDD you need XYZ.

Again, as professional developers and teachers, I believe that we know all that.
But thanks for your wisdom. It seemed to me that it was quite 
a common and basic knowledge. 

But again this was not the questions.



> Andres.
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