[Esug-list] [SPAM] Re: Concurrency Best Practices + Tests

James Foster Smalltalk at JGFoster.net
Sat Sep 7 12:42:10 EDT 2019

> The point of noury is what is the way to approach concurrency when doing TDD.
> Now how to build reliable ….

I won’t pretend to answer such a broad question with anything definitive, but I’d start my investigation of concurrency with a look at databases. One of the primary features of any multi-user database (not just GemStone!) is that transactions are in practice concurrent but the system is designed to apply them as if they were serial and in a way where order does not matter. So I would attempt to identify the concurrent tasks and verify that they each got the result that they would have obtained had they been applied in various serial fashions.

> Imagine that DrTDD should be extended to support concurrent programming. 
> Then this is the question that we want to get answer. 

I would look for a way to pass a set of repeatable tasks to DrTDD and let the testing framework run them in various orders then run them concurrently with interrupts and switching contexts. 

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