[Esug-list] Glorp/Seaside experience exchange on- or offline, anybody?

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Thu Sep 28 04:56:23 EDT 2017


thanks for your interest. Yes, I was sure I am not alone in my search 
for best practices and recipes. Or stories of failures to learn from.

So we are already 3, because I got a PM from another developer not 
really located in our Region ;-)

Hope to hear from a few more soon.

Am 28.09.17 um 10:53 schrieb Thomas Brodt:
> Hi all
> I would be very interested in a group sharing any experience with Glorp.
> We currently have exactly these questions on our list that Joachim 
> mentions, and some more. And as we also have an Object Lens 
> Visualworks application, there are interesting questions regarding 
> similarities and differences between the two, in their usage and their 
> internals. And besides the rather introductory documentation for basic 
> operations and mapppings, there is none of the more "advanced" 
> techniques and best practices that come with a larger business 
> application if you succeeded with the first steps.
> We're located near the border of Switzerland to Germany, so the region 
> would match ;-)
> But anyone interested whereever in the world should take this 
> opportunity to get in touch!
> Thomas
> Am 28.09.2017 um 08:56 schrieb jtuchel at objektfabrik.de:
>> Hi there,
>> since nobody at ESUG seemed to be interested in a Glorp/Seaside BOF 
>> as I suggested, I try something new now ;-)
>> Glorp is a great tool for OR mapping and works very well. There is 
>> good introductory material, even if it is hard to find. But when it 
>> comes to real world use, there are many questions to be answered like
>>   * how to handle transactions, mementos, units of work and that
>>     stuff, especially in a multi-user environment like a Seaside
>>     based web app
>>   * how to map more complicated things, like polymorphic joins,
>>     embedded objects etc.
>>   * what if an image slows down gradually when a user has been
>>     working for hours, almsot coming to a standstill. How to find out
>>     if Glorp or your use of it is the problem? What can you do then?
>>   * Is my use of transactions correct or will I face problems
>> None of these are easy questions and maybe there are many possible 
>> answers to them, But finding them on your own can be hard and take a 
>> lot of time. It can even be a risk to your business.
>> There is the Glorp group, but it's not actually in heavy use and 
>> sometimes it is hard to write down a problem in a few lines. 
>> Explaining the whole thing sometimes would make for loooong messages 
>> that probably nobody ever reads, esp. if the poster's english isn't 
>> brilliant.
>> So what I'm looking for is ways to find and meet people who also use 
>> Glorp (or any other ORM in Smalltalk) and would be interested in 
>> discussing stuff and maybe answer questions. Something like a Glorp 
>> users group.
>> The best thing to exchange ideas is probably to meet face to face and 
>> carry your laptop with you. So if anybody in Southern Germany, 
>> Eastern France, Northern Switzerland would be interested in such a 
>> meeting, please let me know and I am more than interested in setting 
>> something up.
>> The second best is probably some sort of online conference call. 
>> Maybe even on a regular basis.
>> Please let me know if you'd be interested.
>> Joachim
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