[Esug-list] 23rd International Smalltalk Joint Conference - Call for Contributions

Stéphane Ducasse stephane.ducasse at inria.fr
Sat Apr 11 03:41:20 EDT 2015

Please distribute widely 

	23rd International Smalltalk Joint Conference - Call for Contributions

	  Brescia, Italy
 			from 13 to 17 July 2015

 This call includes:
	  Developer Forum
	  Smalltalk Technology Award
	  International Workshop
	  Student Volunteer
	  Camp Smalltalk 12 July 2015

 You can support the ESUG conference in many different ways:

 * Sponsor the conference. New sponsoring packages are described at
 * Submit a talk, a software or a paper to one of the events. See below.
 * Attend the conference. We'd like to beat the previous record of
	 attendance (170 people at Amsterdam 2008)!
 * Students can get free registration and hosting if they enrol
 	into the the Student Volunteers program. See below.

 Developers Forum: International Smalltalk Developers Conference

 We are looking for YOUR experience on using Smalltalk. You will have
 30 min for presentations and 45-60 min for hand-ons tutorial.

 The list of topics for the normal talks and tutorials includes, but
 is not limited to the following:

	* XP practices,  Development tools,  Experience reports
	* Model driven development,  Web development, Team management
	* Meta-Modeling,  Security,  New libraries & frameworks
	* Educational material,  Embedded systems and robotics
	* SOA and Web services,  Interaction with other programming languages

Teaching Pearls and Show us Your Business
- Show your business 10 min session (Get prepared!!)
- Teaching pearls : we want some session on how to teach some design
aspects. We want your tip and tricks to teach Smalltalk or OOP.

We expect to have several 10 to 15 min sessions aggregated.

!! How to submit?

Submissions deadline is 15 of May 2015
Notification of acceptance will be on done on the fly.
More information at http://www.esug.org/conferences/2015

 Pay attention: the places are limited so do not wait till the last
 minute to apply. Prospective presenters should submit a request to
 Stephane.Ducasse at inria.fr AND USE THE following header [ESUG 2015 Developers].

 Please follow the template below the email will be automatically processed!

 Subject: [ESUG 2015 Developers] + your name
 First Name:
 Last Name:
 Email where you can always be reached:
 Type: Tutorial/Talk/Teaching Pearl

	Any presentation not respecting this form will be discarded automatically

International Workshop on Smalltalk Technologies
 Read the page: http://www.esug.org/wiki/pier/Conferences/2015/International-Workshop-IWST_15

Technology Award Competition
 The top 3 teams with the most innovative software will receive,
 respectively, 500 Euros, 300 Euros and 200 Euros during an awards
 ceremony at the conference. Developers of any Smalltalk-based
 software are welcome to compete.
 More information at http://www.esug.org/conferences/2015/

 Student Volunteer Program
 If you are a student wanting to attend ESUG, have you considered
 being a student volunteer? Student volunteers help keep the
 conference running smoothly; in return, they have free
 accommodations, while still having most of the time to enjoy the
 More information at

 We hope to see you there and have fun together.

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