[Esug-list] ESUG call for sponsors

Luc Fabresse luc.fabresse at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 07:37:02 EDT 2015

Dear Smalltalkers,

The European Smalltalk User Group (ESUG) welcome sponsors for the
organization of the 23rd ESUG conference edition (
Sponsoring ESUG also help us to do achieve multiple actions to support
Smalltalk all over the year such as: conferences, events, summertalks,
projects, research articles, publications, books, student mobility, ...
More infos at: http://www.esug.org/wiki/pier/Promotion.

As previous years (http://www.esug.org/About/BecomeSponsor), sponsorships
level are:

* Silver ESUG Sponsor: By paying 500€, the logo of your company/association
is displayed during the ESUG conference, and you are also recognized as a
sponsor on our ESUG website http://www.esug.org. You are entitled to
mention that you are an ESUG sponsor, and to use the ESUG logo in that

* Gold ESUG Sponsor: By paying 1000€, you get all of the above, and ESUG
correspondence and distributions (CD, Documentation) will feature your
logo. You also get a 10% fee reduction on the ESUG events for up to 5
people of your organization.

* Platinum ESUG Sponsor: By Paying 2000€, you get all of the above, but you
get a 20% fee reduction on the ESUG events for up to 10 people of your

If your company is interested, you can choose a sponsorship level, send us
(at board at esug.org) information such as Organization name, VAT number, etc.
and we will send you back an invoice.

Also consider that sending people to the conference is a kind of sponsoring
in an indirect way.

So see you @ ESUG'15, Brescia, Italy 13-17 July 2015.

Best regards,

Luc Fabresse
On behalf of ESUG board

PS: Forward widely

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