[Esug-list] "Pharo is Smalltalk inspired"

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Thu Jul 31 07:06:20 EDT 2014

On 31 Jul 2014, at 12:05, Helge Nowak <hknowak at yahoo.de> wrote:

> Dear Pharoers,
> I stumbled upon Doru’s (BTW excellent, as usual) presentation on Live Objects at NDC 2014. In there he states “Pharo is Smalltalk inspired. … we want to point ourselves that we are Smalltalk inspired because we want to move towards the future”. This implies three things:
> Pharo is NOT Smalltalk
> All Smalltalks are not moving towards the future
> The Pharo community wants to get divorced from the community that gave them birth
> I am wondering whether this is indeed the official position of the Pharo community? And how the Smalltalkers think about it.

The whole thing started by the fact that there are lots of great things to do that Smalltalk did not yet do. (That are 100% in line with the *idea* of Smalltalk, and that
are very natural and clearly the next step).

But if we say that we are Smalltalk, then people will immediately request 100% compatibility forever.

We actually had exactly that case. Someone told us that for *every* change we need to first sync with all Smalltalk Vendors and all other open source
Smalltalks and only of they are ok (and implement the same at the same time) we are allowed to e.g. add a new API in Pharo core classes.
Reason: “Pharo is Smalltalk, it says right so on the website”.

So Pharo is Smalltalk in the sense of being a reflective, dynamic, always improving environment. It is *not* Smalltalk in the sense of a finished, non-changing artefact.

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