[Esug-list] Couch surfing

Johan Briglia johan.briglia at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 11:41:51 EDT 2014

Hi all,

This year I'll be one of the several student volunteers (to offer my help
in the next ESUG) and I actually need a little help for a little something
about it.
As a student I had to choose the cheapest traveling agenda, so I will
arrive one day earlier than expected. It's not a problem but I need to find
a place to sleep between Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th. So I'm asking if
anyone would be so kind to lend me a couch just for a night? I don't take
much space, and I can cook! ;)

As a relatively new smalltalker, I think it best to introduce myself:
I'm Johan Briglia, PhD student in Psychology at Montpellier (south of
France) where I'm working on the emergence of human memory and complex
behaviors from neural networks. I'm using smalltalk to emulate dynamical
networks in order to test some psychological theories, as a consolidation
of AI research.

Thank you for your help, and see you soon anyway!

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