[Esug-list] Smalltalk dialects and GSoC

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Tue Feb 11 12:35:04 EST 2014

Il 11/02/2014 18:29, Igor Stasenko ha scritto:
> Right. I didn't said it's easy to correctly/perfectly draw a line. But
> you have to draw it.. and once you did, you will always have chances to
> find someone left aboard and screaming about bias and blatantly
> unethical behavior, instead of peacefully discussing and providing
> arguments.
>     With my GNU Smalltalk hat on, I would redirect VM ideas to the GNU
>     organization, and only use ESUG slots for projects that have more
>     porting potential.  But I understand that not all dialects have the
>     same opportunity.
> No, i think any Smalltalk VM is clearly a good topic to run under ESUG
> umbrella.

Exactly---that would be *my* choice as GNU Smalltalk maintainer.  Other 
Smalltalk VMs are definitely welcome.


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