[Esug-list] Smalltalk dialects and GSoC

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Tue Feb 11 11:14:20 EST 2014

Il 11/02/2014 16:43, Igor Stasenko ha scritto:
> Nothing philosophical here.
> Pharo, Amber are smalltalk dialects. Newspeak is not. It is brand new
> language.
> Different syntax, different semantics.
> The fact that it uses VM which can run smalltalk doesn't makes any
> difference.
> There's a number of Smalltalks impemented on top of JVM, and CLR platforms.
> Following your logic, then such implementations should be eligible to
> run under 'java/C# GSoC umbrella'?

I think a Newspeak<->Smalltalk translator, written in Smalltalk, would 
be eligible for GSoC under the ESUG organization.

If it were to be written in Newspeak, I would still want to have it in 
the ideas list.  Perhaps the student itself could propose to use 
Smalltalk instead, or it could be a backup in case we lose a student due 
to conflicts with other organizations.  However, the chances for it to 
get into the program would be slimmer.


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