[Esug-list] [GSoc 2014] Collecting project ideas and preparing the application

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Mon Feb 10 17:58:33 EST 2014

Hi all,

now that Janko has kindly accepted to step down and I've been appointed 
by ESUG board as organization admin, here is my proposal for GSoC 2014.

Everything except publishing project ideas will be done through Google's 
Melange application.

Project ideas will be sent by email and I'll publish them on the ESUG 
wiki.  Therefore, here are my first two requests:

- trivially, an account on the ESUG wiki so that i can collect and post 
the ideas;

- interested mentors should start a thread for their favorite Smalltalk 
dialect called "[GSoC ideas] Dialect name" and send it to the project 
mailing list.  Please Cc smalltalk-gsoc-mentors at googlegroups.com *and 
myself*.  This is very important in case Google Groups rejects messages 
from non-members or anything like that.  The message could be something 
like this:

         Hi fellow <Smalltalk dialect name> hackers,

         ESUG, the European Smalltalk User Group, is applying for this
         year's Google Summer of Code.  As you probably know, the Summer
         of Code provides the opportunity to fund students to work during
         the summer on <Smalltalk dialect name>.  Please reply to this
         email (be sure to use "Reply to all") if you have ideas you
         would like to propose.

         Please include a summary of the project and links to web pages
         that can help prospective students to write their application.
         Please also include the following information:

         - if applicable, other dialects that you would be willing to
           mentor this project for

         - the skill level

         - name of the mentor(s), email addresses, and possibly any IRC
           network/channel/nickname where they can be found.

         Thanks for contributing to ESUG's Summer of Code application!

         <Your name here>

I'm drafting the 2014 application based on past year's 
(http://gsoc2013.esug.org/application).  Serge, can you provide me the 
numbers for passing and failing students in the 2013 edition?

I expect to follow up in a few days and announce who the backup admin 
will be.  Future messages will *not* be sent to 
esug-list at lists.esug.org, so please subscribe to the mentors mailing 
list smalltalk-gsoc-mentors at googlegroups.com if you are interested in 
the program.


your friendly neighborhood GSoC administrator

Paolo Bonzini

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