[Esug-list] Unethical behaviour on GSoC 2010 (was The truth on GSOC, ESUG and bad attitude)

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Mon Feb 10 14:21:24 EST 2014

Hi fellow Small-speak-new-talkers!

Cross-posting continues...

On 02/10/2014 06:47 PM, Gilad Bracha wrote:
> I should know better than to get involved in this sad affair.

Muaahaa! Fail! :) (yes, I am actually injecting some humor here)

> I will note that when the Smalltalk GSoc effort started, I was
> *explicitly asked to participate*. I myself noted that Newspeak is
> sufficiently different from Smalltalk that it should be regarded as a
> different language, but was assured that this effort was designed to be
> inclusive of anything in the Smalltalk family.

Just to give you +1 on the Smalltalk family part. I mean, hell, we even 
share the VM!

And I am not sure people understand how important this has been for us 
Squeak/Pharooners, AFAIK a LOT of the work from Eliot has been done 
through Newspeakish money, right?

> I have no interest in starting a flame war here - I have watched the
> recent goings on on this list with a feeling of great sadness. I have
> done what I can to help Smalltalk, and individuals in that community
> (you know who you are) and will continue to do so.


The Smalltalk community is full of passion. Sometimes we end up flaming 
all out - although very seldom I think compared to many other 
communities (or so I hear). I have always been proud of that in our 

This time it was sad that it went so far that I fear the main combatants 
have a hard time getting through and shaking hands in the end?! It also 
shows how two non-native english writers - both with fast fingers - can 
really... make a mess :)

3 timesRepeat: [
	If you do though - *that* would be the true mark of leaders]

regards, Göran

PS. I decided a looooong time ago after a bad clash with Andreas (rest 
his soul) that... what the hell, life is too short for political crap! 
Move on, have fun, write code. So, spent 10 minutes on this post - now 
back to hacking protobuf support for Squeak and Pharo! Yiha!

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