[Esug-list] It makes my toes curl

Reinout Heeck reinout at soops.nl
Mon Feb 10 05:00:29 EST 2014

dear Smalltalk promoters,
  I have too many friends that are in a divorce with kids in the picture.

  I have an understanding with them: they can talk (rant) to me about 
anything regarding their divorce, but not in public and not at parties.

So this stuff:
> Now, I want to have details about your message. What do you mean by
> "blatantly unethical behavior"? At which point have we been unethical?

please take it to a private place, not at this party.

And this stuff:

Cc: "smalltalk-gsoc-mentors at googlegroups.com"
	<smalltalk-gsoc-mentors at googlegroups.com>,
	The general-purpose Squeak developers list
	<squeak-dev at lists.squeakfoundation.org>,
	Pharo Development List <pharo-dev at lists.pharo.org>,
	"phil at highoctane.be" <phil at highoctane.be>,
	ESUG Mailing list <esug-list at lists.esug.org>,
	pharo-users <pharo-users at lists.pharo.org>

is like my friends yelling at night keeping half the street awake.

It makes my toes curl in shame,
please -pretty please- tune it down.


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