[Esug-list] [Pharo-dev] [gsoc-mentors] The truth on GSOC, ESUG and bad attitude

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Mon Feb 10 04:30:01 EST 2014

Il 10/02/2014 10:16, Stéphane Ducasse ha scritto:
> Paolo
> I did not discuss yet with the ESUG board but we are sick of all this.
> Can you really run the GSOC this year administratively because I think
> that ESUG should stop to be a bank for it?
> I think that Janko is getting off. We cannot work with a person like
> that. I will make us lose too much energy.
> Like that the mentors will be free to do whatever they want to do.


please calm down.  I *hope* that you wanted to make this mail private. 
Public mailing lists are not the right place for this language, much 
less with such a wide crosspost.

I already mentioned that all I care about is to have students funded by 
Google and working in Smalltalk.  ESUG will get $500 per student, and 
can use them to send more people to the mentor summit or whatever else 
they prefer---I don't want to have *anything* to do with how ESUG spends 
their GSoC money.


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