[Esug-list] [gsoc-mentors] The truth on GSOC, ESUG and bad attitude

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Sun Feb 9 17:03:15 EST 2014

Dear all,

First to Luc: from your numbers it is clear that you are not to be
blamed on anything, because you were obviously misinformed and misguided.

Facts namely are:

1. GSoC mentors decided to pay extra stipendiums 3000 USD [1] while
   ESUG without approval paid 2000 more, 5000 USD, without any report
   back to GSoC mentors,

2. GSoC mentors decided to add past GSoC2012 amount to the pool for
   paying extra projects [2][3].

Calculation (without the Summit expenses) therefore is:

Income: GSoC 2012  13x 500 =  6.500 USD
        GSoC 2013  13x 500 =  6.500 USD
                             13.000 USD

        Extra stipendiums: 3x 3.000 = 9.000 USD

Difference: + 4.000 USD

If ESUG would follow the decisions of GSoC mentors it wouldn't loose any
money but gain 4.000 USD.

Those that misinformed and misguided you needs therefore to apologize to
you Luc, to the GSoC mentors and to me as admin!



Dne 09. 02. 2014 17:26, piše Luc Fabresse:
> Hi all,
> ------------
> As you all know, I am the ESUG treasurer.
> So please find the numbers attached for the ESUG support of GSOC
> projects in 2013. 
> ESUG sponsored 3 "extra-GSOC" meaning extra slots not accepted by Google.
> In the file it is: Alejandro Infante, Pablo Estefo and Benjamin Arezki.
> All in all we paid:
> - 3695EUR (~5000USD at that time i.e. same cost as a regular GSOC) each
> projects 
> - Serge trip to Mentor summit
> And we received 5552EUR from Google
> so yes we lost ~6582EUR
> That is easy 13*500 USD would only cover 1 plain extra-Gsoc and we
> sponsorized 3.
> I also think that it is important to send someone to the GSoc mentor
> summit because it participates to the fact that Google recognizes ESUG
> ang gives slots the next year.
> It is alos important to note dates.
> ESUG paid first and then has been refund by Google. 
> It would not be possible to do it without ESUG.
> ------------
> As some of you know, I doing the ESUG treasury stuff on my *own* time
> and it takes a lot!
> I am doing it because I strongly believe that Smalltalk (all falvors!)
> is a really great language that should be more widespread. 
> I also completely open to discussions.
> The ESUG board can also explain its actions and even money status.
> I can do errors too.
> So if Janko wants some details on GSOC related money, JUST ASK!
> I cannot admit that:
> - Janko wrote about some money accusation. This is directly directed
> against the treasurer so me. 
> And honestly, just reading again that I am biased and that I hide or
> steal money make me think that I should better quit.
> - Janko asked for apologies! what is that? even if I would have done a
> mistake (and ESUG did not loose money), YOU STILL MUST THANK ME for
> DOING THIS BORING TASK!  and then I can correct mistakes if any
> - People wants an answer fast, this conversation started yesterday and I
> am spending my week-end with my kids
> I am really fed up with this kind of attitude.
> Stop accuse, better ask, discuss and we will solve the problems together
> if any.
> But I think it will never happen...
> #Luc
> The disgusted Treasurer of ESUG who will finish his week-end in bad mood

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk GSoC Admin Team

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