[Esug-list] Moving on with GSOC2014?

Steven Kelly stevek at metacase.com
Sat Feb 8 17:27:34 EST 2014

+1. It would be a great service to Smalltalk if we could keep discussions like these calm and on topic. 


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I think "Moving On" is the perfect subject. This debate is surreal - creating issues and drama out of thin air. While it's a great demonstration of the passion we all have for Smalltalk, there seems to be some real damage being done. 

Bottom Line: I agree that it is too late to change anything for this year.

And when we do discuss it, let's take a big step back. The two issues Janko raised were:
- "Smalltalk" as a name may be better received by students
- Within the Smalltalk community, there is perceived bias of ESUG toward Pharo

Let's take them one at a time:

=="Smalltalk" as a name may be better received by students==
1. Are we having trouble finding quality students now? If so, it pays to discuss. But if we are happy with the current results, IIABDFI
2. If we need to improve, is this particular improvement worth risking:
- the possibility that the continuity of ESUG may have helped our acceptance by Google
- the tremendous resources, whether time/energy/financial, put in by ESUG

==Within the Smalltalk community, there is perceived bias of ESUG toward Pharo==

There's really only one thing to say about this. As it stands now, there is one person's perception of other people's perception. While as Smalltalkers, we can all appreciate the meta-ness of that ;), if such a perception exists, let those who perceive it stand up and give some evidence.

Let's focus on the facts, make the best decision for our community, and get back to work.
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