[Esug-list] Moving on with GSOC2014?

Paolo Bonzini bonzini at gnu.org
Sat Feb 8 11:31:32 EST 2014

As things stand now, I don't think there is enough mutual trust between 
ESUG and Janko to proceed with GSOC2014.  I think either the name is 
changed to "Smalltalk" as Janko proposed, which many people have 
objected to, or he should take a step back.

I have experience with GSOC having served as admin for the GNU project 
in 2011 so, if necessary, I volunteer to run the organization as admin 
(and as ESUG).

I want to point out _very_ clearly, from the beginning that I wouldn't 
want to have anything to do with any "extra slots" like there were last 
year.  This would be something for ESUG to sort out if they have the money.

Now, I cannot deny that I haven't been involved very much in Smalltalk 
programming for the last few years.  On the other hand administration is 
mostly bureaucratic work, and I clearly have no bias in favor or against 
any particular dialect.



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