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I've just found I didn't send this e-mail to ESUG list. Fixing it now:

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Hi Sean,

The code is available here: http://ss3.gemstone.com/ss/Esse.html. I'm not
sure this is the final version, but one of the most "recent" ones. Also,
I've attached a .rar file with results Pavel submitted to Google (in case,
you can't access them from their site).

There are two major problems with the project.

1. The code quality is really low. I think, it's not Smalltalk-ish code at
all. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to control code in 2012, and was able
to manage it only in a fraction of how I would like it to be in 2013. It's
really hard to do in GSoC (as it is more feature-oriented and focused on
"external" result, not internal quality), but I hope now I understand how
to do it (in case I'll take part as tutor, of course).

2. The project suffers from using "conventional" (old) graphics engine.
This problem was addressed by a student in one of the thesis works I gave
last year, but with only partial success. And worse, for some reasons, the
student is not available right now and I can't get the code she wrote. This
is for the first time and really frustrating me :(

I still think the topic is really important, can be widely used in both
applications and development process itself to the advantage of Pharo, and
is really interesting.


Best regards,

Dennis Schetinin

2014-02-06 DeNigris Sean <sean at clipperadams.com>:

>  - Boundless and zoomable interfaces with Pharo. Continuation of
> http://gsoc2012.esug.org/projects/esse using Athens. Perhaps creating
> some development tools.
> What was accomplished? Where is the code? How and where to load it?
> Thanks.
> Sean
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