[Esug-list] Google Summer of Code is here, your ideas please!

Esteban Lorenzano estebanlm at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 11:47:47 EST 2014

Hi Janko, 
here my proposal for this year (just one :P)

Quartz backend for Athens framework

Level: (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

Possible mentor: (can be assigned later)
Esteban Lorenzano

Possible second mentor: (can be assigned later)

Athens is a vectorial graphics library that supports different backends but now is restrained to Cairo. Also, current implementation uses NativeBoost, who at the time generates and executes dynamic code. This combination mades impossible to use the framework for iPad/iPhone applications and we have need to support them.
The project then is to create a new backend for the Athens library that can be used both in macs and ipad/iphone platforms. 

Technical Details
The student need to study the current Athens-Balloon and  Athens-Cairoo implementation, and the Ballon plugin, to produce a Quartz plugin and to create the Athens extension to use it.

Benefits to the Student
The student will understand the plugin architecture and how it interacts with the environment, also he will have internals on native boost and vectorial libraries. 

Benefits to the Community
The community will gain the ability of develop better applications for ipad/iphone mobile platforms.


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