[Esug-list] [Pharo-users] Google Summer of Code is here, your ideas please!

Dennis Schetinin chaetal at gmail.com
Wed Feb 5 12:16:37 EST 2014

Zdravo Janko!

- Amber - Pharo interaction via WebSocket. Specifically, Pharo as IDE for
Amber -- as continuation of http://gsoc2013.esug.org/projects/amber-tools
 and http://gsoc2012.esug.org/projects/mmi-amber

- Boundless and zoomable interfaces with Pharo. Continuation of
http://gsoc2012.esug.org/projects/esse using Athens. Perhaps creating some
development tools.

- Implementation of "Object Semantic Networks" as a new
knowledge-representation engine to be used inside Pharo (for various


Best regards,

Dennis Schetinin
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