[Esug-list] -= First Visualization Contest with Roassal =-

Alexandre Bergel abergel at dcc.uchile.cl
Fri Aug 23 02:28:10 EDT 2013

Dear colleagues and friends,

We are happy to announce the First Visualization Contest with Roassal.

What can I win?
 - 150 euros, sponsored by ObjectProfile
 - a über-cool ObjectProfile T-shirt and some wonderful stickers
 - maximum publicity of your work
 - a nice award certificate, delivered during ESUG

How can I win?
 - you have to produce a visualization with Roassal. You can use the Pharo, VisualWorks or VAST version of Roassal. Here is an example of what we expect http://bit.ly/sunburstDemo  
 - making a video is mandatory. The video will weight the most in our decision. The video could be of any length and has to include your name and say that is was made (partly or completely) with Roassal. No need to talk, just show off!
 - making your code available and easy to install will help you get more points

How can I submit?
 - send the links of your video and other material (if needed) to info at objectprofile.com Every email you will send to this email will be acknowledged. If you do not receive a 'Ok' from us, it means we haven't read it, in that case send your email again after a few days.
 - the deadline for submitting is September 4, 2013

Mini FAQ?
 - Is the object-profile team allowed to participate? No
 - Should my visualization or code be open source? No need for this, whatever license is fine. However your video should be made public.
 - How can I get more information? Just comment on the facebook https://www.facebook.com/ObjectProfile or using Twitter @ObjectProfile or send email to info at objectprofile.com
 - What I submit twice? Yes, no problem with that
 - How will judge the videos? both the esug community and the object profile team. The Esug community will have 30% of the final grade, object profile the remaining 70%
Alexandre Bergel  http://www.bergel.eu

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