[Esug-list] Niall's report for 2010

Niall Ross nfr at bigwig.net
Tue Apr 19 08:04:06 EDT 2011

Dear Mariano,

> Wow....that's an awesome summary. I just read the Metacello one, it is 
> incredible accurate. You were paying so much attention :)


> I will read the rest also.
> Thanks for sharing. BTW...wouldn't be good to upload it (and the 
> previous ones) to the ESUG website? just as we do for the slides?

It is already there;  see the http://www.esug.org/Conferences page, 
where most of the past ESUG conferences - and some others listed below 
the map - have (report) links after them.

FYI, if anyone ever wants to use any of my text as a cut&paste basis for 
documentation or whatever, I can also provide it in FrameMaker or in any 
format to which FrameMaker offers conversion, e.g. MSWord.  Just email 
me - and, given my this-year's conference tasks, allow a reasonable time 
for reply. :-)

             See you in Edinburgh, I hope
                   Niall Ross

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