[Esug-list] [ANN] Lan.d.s Alpha: All Along the Language Tower

Nick Papoylias npapoylias at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 05:36:43 EDT 2019

*Dear friends ! *

I am quite excited to announce the availability of an alpha version
of my latest work around *Parsing and Programming Languages* at:


Accompanied by ~ *30 min of transcribed eye-candy:*


Backed by *a crowdfunding campaign* ! To get the *book and stable release *
successfully out of the door:


*Click, download, watch, enjoy !* If you like what you see, support the
project ! Tiers
start *from 5 and 10 euros per chapter for individuals.* Companies
the project can get *6 to 12 days of consultancy, on-site workshops and
other perks.*


*What is all about ??*

*Lan.d.s is a new solution for language design.* From *general purpose *
*languages* like *Lise* (short for (list (embedding)) to *Domain-Specific *
*Languages using the MOODs framework*, and everything else in between.
Lan.d.s is build around the formalism of *Multi-Ordered Grammars, *
*which are a possible alternative to CFGs and PEGs in wider use today. *

Multi-ordered grammars (or simply MOGs) aim for a better exploration of
recursion, ordering and associativity during language design. They can
be *parsed
using the *
*Gray Algorithm.* After parsing in order to ease the production of
executable code
Lan.d.s introduces the* Abstract Syntax Language (ASL),* which is an OO
solution for compile-time meta-programming. Finally in order to promote
language extension and re-use, Lan.d.s employs *GrammarTraits, as units of *
*composition for both MOG rules and ASL actions.*


Some random highlights for the impatient:

** Object subclass: #Prediction uses: Future syntax*

** Languages are everywhere, they are all around you, even now in this very

** Study SICP with a Xerox flavor, while re-inventing some Bell-labs

** TOC-Board, the TOC for your next talk ;)*

Enjoy !
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