[Esug-list] "Tabular" announcement: support of Excel/Calc spreadsheets formats

Юрий Мироненко assargaddon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 04:39:43 EDT 2014

Couple years after failing of the last, GSoC-powered effort to implement
Excel/Calc support, I come to the point when I need it desperately.
Therefore I started Tabular (ss3.gemstone.com/ss/Tabular.html) package.

It's now very early stages, and exporting code is quite dirty - but it
works as proof-of-concept, generating XLSX files with cells meging support
- which is, anyway, more than we have in SCV. It was already used in
production code, and already generating tax reports or something like this.

Some of other members of RSUG looks interested in participating in this
development, so we may expect significiant progress in nearest future.
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