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Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Tue Dec 23 18:09:39 EST 2014

We are happy to announce Moose 5.0:


This is by far the most extensive Moose release to date. Just take a look
at these two trailers.
- Spotter: https://vimeo.com/113832673
- Inspector: https://vimeo.com/103463364

The key highlights are:
- It is based on Pharo 3.0.
- Roassal2 is a complete reimplementation of the core visual engine of
- Roassal2 replaced Roassal, EyeSee and Graph-ET, and it features many new
things including smooth animations, new composeable builders and several
new layouts.
- All built-in Moose visualizations use Roassal2.
- Glamour has been extended with a Pager browser and with Rubric as the
main text editor.
- GTSpotter is a new tool that makes it possible to find objects fast.
- GTInspector saw major usability improvements based on the Pager browser,
and it now comes with many object specific extensions.
- GTPlayground provides a new way to handle scripts and when combined with
GTInspector, it can replace the dedicated easels and editors.
- Moose Finder has been extended with the ability of handling in place
- GTDebugger has been strengthen and was made more robust.
- PetitParser has been extended with the notion of context which enables
elegant island parsing.

A list of issues addressed in this release can be found at:


The Moose Suite 5.0 comes for each platform as a separate bundle:
- *Moose Suite 5.0 for Mac>http://moosetechnology.org/res/download/
- *Moose Suite 5.0 for Windows>http://moosetechnology.org/res/download/
- *Moose Suite 5.0 for Linux>http://moosetechnology.org/res/download/

The Moose Suite 5.0 can also be loaded in a Pharo 3.0 image either from the
Configuration Browser, or by executing the following script:

==Gofer new
==      smalltalkhubUser: 'Moose' project: 'Moose';
==      configuration;
==      loadStable

Happy holidays!
The Moose team
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