[Esug-list] GSoC Project Proposal: Morphic for Amber, Looking for mentor

Juan Vuletich (mail lists) juanlists at jvuletich.org
Sun Apr 28 18:56:02 EDT 2013

Quoting Matthias Springer <me at matthiasspringer.de>:

> OK, I'm getting the feeling that it's probably best to implement a  
> proper HTML Canvas rendering engine (Athens) first and build a  
> Morphic(-like) framework (e.g. the morphs from Cuis) on top of that  
> afterwards. Having a good architecture is more important to me than  
> getting results as fast as possible.

It doesn't really matter. Given that you are using HTML Canvas for  
drawing, the only thing you take from Athens or Morphic 3 is the api.  
And both are based on SVG, so they are essentially equivalent.

As the rendering api is really close to the Canvas backend, it is  
rather easy to do. The interesting part of the project is to make a  
working Morphic world on top of that.

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Juan Vuletich

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