[Esug-list] GSoC Project Proposal: Integrated Chat System

Nicolás Paez nicopaez at gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 08:53:16 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

I have an idea for a project. Let my explain it:

*Context / Business need*
I teach OOP at the university with Pharo. Every week our students have to
solve some assignments programming with Pharo. We would like to have an
integrated chat system into Pharo in order to be able to assist our
students when they are working on the assignments.

I imagine this chat to allow the exchange of text but it should also allow
to send "a class or a category" so the teacher (or other student) can
analyse/reproduce a situation/error. Even more, it could use fuel to
serialize the error and share it.
>From the implementation point of view I image this like a client-server
system. Each subject/institution could have its own server, then the
students/teacher, open Pharo, start the chat client and connect to the
selected server.

*What do you think? *

If there is a student interested in this I could be the mentor.


NicoPaez <http://nicopaez.wordpress.com/>
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