[Esug-list] Proposal for Mock Objects at ESUG 2011

Francois Stephany tulipe.moutarde at gmail.com
Fri May 27 05:52:44 EDT 2011

Hi Dennis,

I would also be interested in a Mock presentation. Not really about the 
concepts but practical cases. We all have needed mocks/stubs one day and 
it would be interesting to see how/where people use them.
It is sometimes hard to know where to mock and how far we should mock.


On 27/05/11 06:36, Dennis Schetinin wrote:
> Hello!
> I'd like to explore interest to Mock Object in Smalltalk society. I'm
> currently working on the topic, preparing a paper and presentation
> targeting at ESUG 2011.
> I plan to present Mock Objects technique itself and a framework named
> Mocketry as a tool helping to apply it in practice. Of course I'll
> provide a small example to illustrate some of the ideas.
> Apparently, Mocks technique is not popular tool among Smalltalkers. It
> even seems (to me), TDD is not as widely used as it could and should be
> (despite the fact it was born in Smalltalk). I have been using TDD and
> Mocks for many years in different projects with Smalltalk and other
> languages. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes I was even giving it up, but
> by now I think I have sufficient experience to state that TDD in general
> and Mock Objects specifically do deserve (at least) more attention by
> smalltalkers. Yes, Smalltalk is great language and it has great tools.
> This damps some aspects of the problems TDD and Mocks address, but for
> sure does not remove them totally. More than that, I can say I was most
> productive in Smalltalk when I used "classic TDD" and mocks in conjunction.
> So, are other Smalltalkers interested in this topic? Do you think it
> worth to be presented at the conference? What are the problems you'd
> like to discuss there?
> --
> Dennis Schetinin
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