[Esug-list] Proposal for Mock Objects at ESUG 2011

Dennis Schetinin chaetal at gmail.com
Fri May 27 00:36:27 EDT 2011


I'd like to explore interest to Mock Object in Smalltalk society. I'm
currently working on the topic, preparing a paper and presentation targeting
at ESUG 2011.

I plan to present Mock Objects technique itself and a framework named
Mocketry as a tool helping to apply it in practice. Of course I'll provide a
small example to illustrate some of the ideas.

Apparently, Mocks technique is not popular tool among Smalltalkers. It even
seems (to me), TDD is not as widely used as it could and should be (despite
the fact it was born in Smalltalk). I have been using TDD and Mocks for many
years in different projects with Smalltalk and other languages. Sometimes it
was hard, sometimes I was even giving it up, but by now I think I have
sufficient experience to state that TDD in general and Mock Objects
specifically do deserve (at least) more attention by smalltalkers. Yes,
Smalltalk is great language and it has great tools. This damps some aspects
of the problems TDD and Mocks address, but for sure does not remove them
totally. More than that, I can say I was most productive in Smalltalk when I
used "classic TDD" and mocks in conjunction.

So, are other Smalltalkers interested in this topic? Do you think it worth
to be presented at the conference? What are the problems you'd like to
discuss there?


Dennis Schetinin
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