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On Tue, May 24, 2011 at 11:39 PM, Philippe Marschall <
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> Could you make the slides available in some other format than Flash?

I second that.


> > - Fast pickle format. It is much faster to materialize than to serialize.
> What has led to the conclusion that materialization is more important
> than serialization? I

I don't think Martin made a claim about importance, just current
implementation behavior.  One horse will be faster than another.  Currently,
the materialization horse is faster than the serialization horse.

> > - Correctly support class reshape (when the class of serialized objects
> has
> > changed).
> So what do you do when an instance variable was added? Set it to nil
> and hope that everything will continue to work?
Of course.  One might hope that the developer that added an instance
variable to a system which had existing instanciated objects would provide
suitable lazy initialization as needed.  There is no magic.

> > - Serialize ANY kind of object. For the moment there is no object to our
> > knowledge that we cannot serialize and materialize.
> Really? You serialize Socket, Process, FileStream and something
> meaningful happens?

Again, no magic.  One would hope an interface object that became detached
from it's service would know how to reattach.

ttfn, Steve
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