[Esug-list] ESUG 2011 registration is live !

Niall Ross nfr at bigwig.net
Wed May 18 13:56:49 EDT 2011

The title says it all.

£315 buys you the all-included early-bird registration:  all 5 
conference days, 2 Camp Smalltalk days and the full social event.

The link at the top of website main page
takes you to the registration app link (and the registration FAQ if 
needed - if anything is not made clear in app or FAQ, by all means let 
me know).

The registration list and the conference accommodation room lists are 
separate, because those who live in Edinburgh, and a few others, will 
register but not need a room, while others will want to stay on for the 
festival.  (However it makes sense for you to use the same email and 
password when you sign into both lists:  the same email speeds our 
checking that everyone registered has somewhere to stay, and the same 
password is one less thing for you to remember.)

Room reservations are confirmed if you

 - are registered, or reserve then register

 - enter specific arrival and departure dates in the room list (or, for 
those who are leaving later than the conference, if you specified a 
definite date in the text box).

If you do not give specific dates for arrival and departure, your room 
reservation remains provisional after you register until you update your 
room-list entry.  (If you don't do that reasonably soon after 
registering, expect a nagging email. :-) )

FYI, the website accommodation page (and some others) have been 
rewritten to have more pictures and info.

            See you in Edinburgh
                  Niall Ross

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